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Reed Switches

  Reed Switches --- [Dry Reed Switches] [Mercury Wetted Reed Switches]
Description Part No. Figure
General application switches
Switching power rating of 10 watt. Applications are wide including switching signal loads, driving electromechanical relays, etc.
HYR 1532
HYR 2001
HYR 2034
HYR 4001
HYR 5051
Ultraminiature switches
With glass capsule length of 9.5 to 12mm. These switches use very little space. Applications include miniature reed relays, keyboards, etc.
HYR 1002
HYR 1003
High power switches
Switching power rating between 20 and 70 Watt. May be used for directly switching power line voltages, i.e. 1 10 VAC or 220 VAC
HYR 1531(For 110 VAC)
HYR 2003-1(For 220 VAC)
HYR 2003-2(high power)
HYR 2016(For more than 220 VAC)
High voltage breakdown switches
Breakdown voltage rated from 1,000 to 2,000 Volt. Reed switches with ratings up to 15 KV are available in larger sizes
HYR 1559
HYR 2016
HYR 5006
HYR 5007
HYR 5008
High insulation resistance switch
With I. R. rated at more than 10E + 13 Ohm.
HYR 2010
Low thermal EMF and RF switches
With thermal EMF ratings as low as 5 µV / deg. C (other switches are approx. 40 µV / deg. C). These switches are often applied in test equipment. They may also be used in RF applications due to low insertion loss characteristics.
HYR 2011
High inrush current switches
May be used for switching incandescent lamp or capacitive loads without external current limiting resistors.
HYR 1506
Close differential switches
Feature low magnetic hysteresis between contact closure and opening.
HYR 2031-1
Form "C" switches
Feature break-before-make, single pole double through (SPDT) contacts.
HYR 1554
HYR 1555
HYR 4003