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Proximity sensors

[Magnet Actuation] [Shield Actuation] [Lever Actuation]

Inexpensive proximity sensor with internal reed switch, that is turned on and off by change of magnetic field strength (vertical, horizontal or longitudinal movement of magnet).

Contact Forms:

N.O. N.O. Contact (Normally Open)
Contact which is normally open. It will be closed when magnetic field is applied.

N.C. Contact (Normally Closed)
Contact which is normally closed. It will be opened when magnetic field is applied.

Transfer Contact (Form "C")
Common contact (wiper) will transfer from N.C. to N.O. contact when magnetic field is applied.

Latching Contact
After being opened or closed by application of magnetic field, the contact will be held in this position (latched) even after removal of the magnetic field. Application of a magnetic field with reversed polarity will unlatch the contact.

Style Features Contact Form Part Number
ps500.gif (5819 bytes) Miniature NO PS-500
NC PS-510
Transfer PS-520
Latching DS-M2
General purpose NO PS-3150
NO PS-3529
NC PS-3251
Connector terminated NO PS-3670
NC PS-3980
Low cost NO PS-3170
Long life NO PS-3870
Ultra miniature NO PS-0048
Waterproof NO PS-4122
NC PS-4221
PCB mount NO PS-5171
High power NO PS-6132
NC PS-6231
Transfer PS-6341
NO (Mercury) PS-6503
Waterproof NO PS-0016
PCB mount NC • NO PS-0018
For lamp loads NC • NO PS-0024
Threaded package NO PS-0021
Detection of door position NO PS-1522
Multiple reed switches NO PSP-05